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Biewer Terrier

My name is Shari Mason, I am a second-generation dog breeder and fancier. My parents raised Pekes and Boston’s. It was only natural that I would have a passion and love for all breeds of dogs. We began our careers in dogs over five decades ago with a toy poodle, after that my husband & I, started showing Afghans, Whippets & Greyhounds under the ‘Blu-Kale’ prefix. Many years later our youngest daughter retired from showing professionally and we took some of her top winning and top producing Italian Greyhounds on co-ownership, just to keep her ‘JUSTA’ kennel name going.



7 to 11 Inches


4 to 8 pounds


12 to 15 years

A Little About Biewer Terrier

You might have come across a Biewer Terrier, and if you did, it must have left some mark, on your heart, of course. This remarkable breed knows how to spread happiness and excitement in the air. It is easy to get tantalized by their child-like, whimsical, straight-out-of-a-fairy-tale attitude. But above all, their purpose, to love and be loved, truly makes them a perfect companion.

They are small, yet possess a huge heart, which is often full of excitement. Despite their stature, they can easily go on hikes and long walks, and even compete in agility sports.

The first of their breed was born in Germany, in 1984. Biewer Terriers have been spreading love in America since the early 2000s. They received full AKC-Registration in 2014. The remarkable Biewer Terrier was also accepted into CKC in 2022, as a miscellaneous toy breed.


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Biewer Terriers spread love and happiness, even through pictures. Take a look at our adorable sires, dams, and puppies, to make your day. Want a Biewer Terrier that lights up your life? Give us a call!